Traveling abroad with a vape? Here are some valuable tips.

Traveling abroad with a vape? Here are some valuable tips.

If you have recently switched to vaping and are about to fly for the first time with an electronic device, we have some tips for you. First, you should know that the rules are not the same as for cigarettes. There are several things to consider to ensure trouble-free travel with your vape. Continue reading to learn more.

What do you need to know about traveling with a vape?

Keep in mind that airline rules and regulations regarding vaping are constantly evolving and can change without notice. Therefore, it's recommended to check the latest updated regulations of the airline each time before you board a plane.

The most important rule for all airlines is to carry your vape devices and batteries in your carry-on luggage on board. This is necessary because most devices have lithium-ion batteries, which can overheat and potentially ignite if mishandled. Unfortunately, there have already been such cases.

All spare batteries you carry should also be packed in your carry-on luggage. Insulate them well so they don't come into contact with other metal objects. If you're using disposable vape devices, then prepare them in your hand luggage, along with other liquids up to 100 ml.

This rule also applies to vape liquids. If you decide to carry such liquids to recharge your electronic device with different flavors, then you must not exceed the allowed amount of 100 ml for hand luggage. In checked luggage, it is permitted to exceed this amount and pack more e-liquids for your journey.

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