Luxe Pod

ICE Vape Luxe Pod

  • Multiple usege
  • USB cable
  • A variety of flavors
  • 11 flavors


Smoke, reload and keep smoking. A luxury reusable product with a USB cable and a variety of flavors. You no longer have to throw away your device after use and buy a new one! With the ICE Vape Luxe Pod, you simply change the refill, quickly charge the battery and continue from - where you left off. This way you save money, time and create even less waste for nature. Buy your device now and load up on your favorite flavors


460 mah
93 x 21 x 16 mm
3.6 V


Luxe Veryberry
Lux Mint
Luxe Grape
Luxe watermelon & tobacco
Luxe Mango
Luxe Peach
Luxe berry tobacco
Luxe tobacco vanilla
Luxe apple & tobacco
Luxe coffee tobacco
Luxe strawberry & kiwi