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Ice Vape

ICE is the fastest growing electronic hookah company in Bulgaria. In just a year since the brand was positioned on the Bulgarian market, ICE has managed to become a standard for a disposable vape device.



Driven by the maxim of offering only quality products that do not put health at risk, we have conducted a number of tests and studies with ICE brand products. Experts are adamant that vape devices are safer than tobacco products that contain tar and are a convenient substitute for conventional cigarettes. A survey conducted among adult users who have used ICE for more than 3 months shows that 40% of them have completely given up smoking thanks to the electronic hookah.

No compromise

in quality

The new ICE-branded reusable device is now on the market. It is intended for multiple use, as in each device kit there is also a USB cable for charging. Charging the device takes about 2 hours and lasts for over 24 hours of use. Shots from the Ice S line are available in 10 flavors. Each contains over 800 puffs and has 2% nicotine.